When you start up a franchise or look for a new business investment in Thailand, often time you come across many challenges to get your company up and running. You might drain money and resources trying to find the right connections, go through the legal procedure, and overcome language barrier. Common problems are such as work permit in Thailand, tax compliance, bookkeeping, and hiring lawyers in Thailand. Accounting, Tax, Corporation, and Legal are 4 fundamental areas that you want to ensure that you are doing right for your company. ATCL has served numerous foreign businesses over the past 20 years so we know exactly what you need and will help you run the business in Thailand in the most efficient way.    


As Thai companies are required to maintain a statutory book of accounts, there is a growing need for accounting and bookkeeping services. While many companies prefer to concentrate on their business objectives, accounting and payroll functions are often outsourced. ATCL has been their preferred choice in the recent years. Not only can we guarantee our clients confidentiality and trust, we can also assure our clients of our thorough knowledge of the local regulatory environment.

Accounting Services

  • Bookkeeping

                         Trading Industry

                         Service Industry

                         Manufacturing Industry

                         Construction Industry


  • Financial projection
  • Financial accounting advisory


As major tax consequence often results from a challenging and complex business transaction, our tax advisory team can provide a step-by-step solution as to how tax liabilities can be minimized while still in compliance with the local regulatory. Our tax services include providing tax compliance service, issuing opinions on current tax laws, and advising on tax implications for various corporate structures.

  • Tax Compliance

                           Half-year corporate tax
                           Annual corporate tax
                           Value-added tax
                           Withholding tax deducted at source
                           Personal income tax

  • Others Tax Services
  • Tax advisory
  • Tax refund

Tax Services


It is inevitable that doing business in Thailand will involve compliance with the local regulation and the filing of necessary forms. As filing of paperwork and dealing with the local regulating bodies are often tedious and time-consuming, our clients often prefer to use our corporate services. With our extensive experience in dealing with the local regulating bodies such the Ministry of Commerce, Revenue Department and Board of Investment, we can assist our clients through the process with ease.

Corporate Services

  • Registration

                          Public limited company
                          Limited company
                          Limited partnership
                          Branch office
                          Representative office

  • Social security fund
  • Winding-up of companies


As business transactions have increasingly become more complex in the recent years, it is imperative that both the legal aspect and financial impact of the transactions must be taken into account for business decision-making. It is our goal to ensure that our clients are aware of the financial consequences that often follow certain legal actions. Moreover, laws have now become an integral part of doing business in Thailand. Thus, we believe that understanding the legal environment will greatly contribute to business success. Over the years, we have successfully assisted clients in the areas of legal advisory, negotiation, contract execution and litigation.

Legal Services

  • Visa extension
  • Working permit
  • Employment contract
  • Commercial Contract
  • Legal advisory
  • Litigation

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